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Titanium Core Guitar Strings

Martin Titanium Core strings deliver the ultimate player’s experience with patented technology only available from Martin. Experience a new level of comfort and response with industry leading stability and superior corrosion resistance. Titanium is more flexible than steel, providing a very comfortable playing experience while remaining strong and durable. Martin uses pure Nickel to wrap the Titanium strings. Pure Nickel is naturally corrosion resistant and holds its tone for a very long time. The pure Nickel and Titanium work together to provide the ultimate corrosion-free string. Learn more.

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Titanium Core

Martin employs a unique process that ensures improved coupling and consistent gaps between the round core wire and the wrap wire which results in superb intonation. A pure nickel wrap allows Titanium strings to remain naturally corrosion resistant and hold their tone for an exceptionally long time. Furthermore, Titanium core wire is round, not hex, for enhanced flexibility. The plain strings are also unique to this product, as they are cryogenically treated stainless steel. The cryogenic treatment protects the string and brings out more brilliance in the stainless steel. Courier Test

Weight E B G D A E Tension Model
Light .012 .016 .026 .034 .044 .055 160.2 MTCN160
Tension 23.4 23.3 29.6 28.8 29.2 25.9 160.2 MTCN160

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