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Many fans and musicians covet the vintage Martin guitars of the "golden era" of the 1930s and with this new process, Martin will produce 50 D-28 Authentic 1937s based on the visual hallmarks of a well-traveled 1937 D-28 in our museum, each one hand-aged by our Custom Shop Team.

The Custom Shop Aged Process

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The Martin Guitar Custom Shop will continue to showcase their innovative creativity, quality, craftsmanship and dedication to their historic musical legacy with a new process called "Aged" which “ages” a guitar to replicate the appearance of a vintage instrument that is actually new.

To achieve the desired look, Martin had to restore a lacquer formula used many years ago. On a 30s era Martin, the lacquer appears very thin compared to today’s guitars. Lacquers used in the 30s were not as hearty as today’s finishes and over time they would gradually wear down, shedding some of their mass over decades of use.

"Getting the proper amount of wear in the right spots, the roundness of the fingerboard edges, the softer corners, along with a worn pickguard and tuners are all part of what you feel as much as you see. We blindfolded ourselves and each went painstakingly over the museum 1937 D-28 and took meticulous notes. Much attention has been spent on those details that many will miss just looking at the guitar at first glance. But to a player who has spent any time with an original 30s era Martin, these smaller details is what makes an older guitar feel so nice," says Jeff Allen, General Manager of Martin Custom Shop.

The new Aged process will provide those rare enthusiasts the opportunity to not only have the sound of an older Martin, but also enjoy the look, warmth, and comfort that Martin’s new Aged process delivers.

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