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Many fans and musicians covet the vintage Martin guitars of the "golden era" of the 1930s and with this new process, Martin will produce 50 D-28 Authentic 1937s based on the visual hallmarks of a well-traveled 1937 D-28 in our museum, each one hand-aged by our Custom Shop Team.

Playability Enhanced

Martin Guitar has been Pleking their instruments for close to a decade and we believe this process helps maintain the undeniable Martin guitar sound that is recognizable worldwide.

Aura VT & Matrix VT Enhance

Aura® VT Enhance™ acoustic amplification by Fishman® offers the most advanced technology, Aura Acoustic Imaging, to preserve the unique and pristine acoustic tone of each instrument with studio microphone quality


Vintage Gloss System

Martin Guitar's Research and Development (R&D) team rediscovered a recipe used by its craftsmen and women in the early 1900s to final-dress by hand the lacquer on our guitars.

Vintage Tone System

The new Martin Vintage Tone System (VTS) is a process developed by the Martin Research & Development team with its foundation rooted in the historic torrefaction process.

Size / Type

Body types and sizes for 14-Fret, 12-Fret, 15-Fret, 6 string, 12 string, and baritone guitars.


Beautiful woods from around the world used in building guitars at the world renowned Martin Guitar Company.

Bracing Patterns

Patterns of bracing used with select wood allows the top to vibrate while maintaining its stability at the same time.

Neck Width/Shapes

Neck types and cross sections as well as available sizes and widths at the nut and 12th frets.

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