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custom shop

With your vision in hand, our artists cut, sand, carve and craft the finest materials into your custom built guitar. Choose your style.


    custom inlays

    Add personalized touches to almost every part of your guitar.

    Let your creativity be your inspiration for a unique Martin custom. Maybe you wish to tell your personal story through one-of-a-kind fingerboard inlay or a custom pickguard. Martin’s Custom Shop craftspeople can add exclusive artistry incorporating materials such as pearl, stone, metal, and exotic wood inlay to many parts of your guitar including:

    • Headplate and Body inlay

    • Fingerboard, Pickguard, Bridge

    • Back, Neck, and Heel



    premium tone woods

    Select from premium exotic or traditional hardwoods to shape your sound.

    Fine-tune your acoustic voice with select tonewoods. Stay true to tradition with materials such as Adirondack & Sitka Spruce, East Indian Rosewood and Mahogany. Traditional tonewoods are utilized throughout our Standard, Marquis and Retro series instruments.

    Or, opt for a rarer material such as striking Hawaiian Koa, Flamed Maple or Cocobolo. Other exotic choices include Brazilian, Madagascar, and Guatemalan Rosewoods. These elegant hardwoods are popular choices for Martin’s Special Edition and Custom Signature Series.


    custom necks

    Choose the shape that best suits your style.

    Connect with comfort and take control of your performance by selecting your guitar’s neck shape and widths while designing your custom Martin. 

    • Low Oval
      An easy-to-play profile for someone with smaller hands or a preference for a slimmer neck.

    • Modified V

      A vintage inspired profile with a less pronounced “V” than found on the vintage full-thickness predecessors.

    • Modified Low Oval

      Similar to the Low Oval, this profile has more of a blended transition from the neck barrel to the fingerboard for a slimmer feel without sacrificing overall neck thickness or width.

    • Performing Artist

      Players who transition often from electric to acoustic might find this a more familiar feel. Great for strumming up near the nut or sliding into leads further down the fingerboard.

    • Low Profile

      Found on many of our most popular guitars, this gradual “C” shape falls easily and naturally into the hands of most players. A terrific all-around option.


    custom shape & size

    A variety of shapes & sizes, each contributing a different character to your guitar’s tone.

    The bond you have with your instrument is deeply personal. If you desire a different body size or scale length to nurture your sound or improve your comfort, the Martin Custom Shop can accommodate you.

    • 0-14 Fret

      Smaller than the 00 and 000 sizes, this size was historically introduced as a “concert” instrument being larger than the parlor sized instruments of the time. This size promotes a distinctive bright, crisp tone with clear treble.

    • 000-12 Fret

      Comfortable and approachable, this body size is ideal for both relaxing & strumming or for focused finger-style performance. The soft hourglass shape promotes an intimate feel while providing a surprising depth of tone and presence.

    • 000-14 Fret

      Balanced tone across all strings with more treble than the legendary Dreadnought. Often referred to as the perfect crossover guitar.

    • D-14 Fret Dreadnought

      Full sound and deep, rich fundamental bass tones and volume are hallmarks of the dreadnought. This is the traditional Martin sound and the benchmark of acoustic tone across generations.

    • Grand Performance 14 Fret

      Sized between a D and the 000, this modern alternative offers greater volume and deeper tonality than the 000 with more focus and balance than the iconic Dreadnought.

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