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It’s important to us and it’s important to our customers that we operate in a way that ensures we will have healthy forests around the world for many generations to come. We’re proud to team up with an organization as respected as the Rainforest Alliance to help us continue to achieve this mission.” ~ Chairman & CEO Chris Martin IV

DOE 2017 Better Project Award Winner

Central Chiller & Boiler Plant Project

C. F. Martin & Co. was awarded a 2017 Better Project Award from the U. S. Department of Energy’s Better Plants Program for its implementation of the Central Chiller/Boiler Plant Project that led to a 40% reduction in system energy consumption, better product quality, and reduced maintenance needs.  Only five of these awards were given throughout the country.

C. F. Martin & Co. was accepted into the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) DOE's Better Plants Challenge in August 2016.  Better Plants Challenge partners commit to reducing their energy intensity by at least 25% within 10 years. C.F. Martin & Co. is the only manufacturer in the Musical Instruments sector that has been a member of the U. S. DOE’s Better Plants Challenge or has won a 2017 Better Project award.

In May, 2017, Martin representatives presented the Central Chiller/Boiler Plant Project during the Innovative Projects in Traditional Systems panel at the 2017 Better Buildings Summit in Washington, DC. The 2017 Summit attracted nearly 1,000 attendees, with over 200 speakers sharing how they draw on energy efficiency technologies, business practices, and partnerships to save money on utility bills, create new jobs, and improve their organization’s competitiveness.

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